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In How I Built My Cake Shops, baking fanatic Huen Su-Yin shares with us her unexpected journey from rebel youth and construction management student to cooking blogger, followed by baking enthusiast and finally, the owner of a successful cake business. In her story of how she started Delectable, she shares with us her hopes and joys at starting her own cake shop. She also candidly describes the mistakes she made, the frustrations she endured and the dark periods that threatened to ruin it all. But despite all that, she and her business survived and thrived. Hers is indeed a delectable story one that has all the ingredients that make for an enjoyable, fulfilling and inspiring read. While building a business that started off as a blog might seem like a modern fairy tale, in Su-Yin’s case, it’s real and now you can find out how it came true.

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Format : Paperback
Publisher : MPH Group Publishing
Published Date : 31-JAN-2016


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