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Delectable Set of 4 Tins


All of our Yellow, Pink, White and Blue tins in a set are now available for nationwide delivery!

Yellow tin contains:
2 Delectable mittens
1 timer
4 baking themed sugar cookies
1 jar DIY kit

Pink tin contains:
3 sesame cookies
3 almond cookies
3 cereal cookies
3 butter cookies
3 cappuccino cookies

White tin contains:
3 brownie bar slices
3 blondie bar slices

Blue tin contains:
2 French madeleines
2 almond bars

Out of stock


Delivery valid for:

  • Minimum ONE day notice in advance. Same day delivery not available.
  • Our tins are also available for purchase over the counter at The Gardens Mall and Glasshouse at Seputeh outlets. (Please contact us to check stock availability).
  • Available for Nationwide delivery.
  • Have questions? Find answers at our FAQ page 🙂

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg

Approximate measurements
Yellow tin: 22cm diameter, 26cm height
Pink tin: 14cm diameter, 23cm height
White tin: 11cm diameter, 19cm height
Blue tin: 10cm diameter, 15cm height